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Let the Spectacle Astound You (06/07/17)

“Eight times? Seriously, eight times? Since when? November 2015? Are you mad?” “… but it’s Phantom of the Opera!” “Isn’t it a little bit boring now?” “No, not at all. No two performances are the same!” “But it’s pretty much the same cast?!?!” It marked my eighth trip to Phantom of the Opera last Thursday. I’m…… Continue reading Let the Spectacle Astound You (06/07/17)

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Trigger Warnings; Greg’s Story

TRIGGER WARNING: RTA and bereavement.  I’m afraid that this isn’t much of a light hearted blog post but it’s something that I feel I must write. To have Greg as a best friend was an honour in itself. To know someone so ambitious, kind-hearted, selfless and loyal makes an imprint on you that will stay…… Continue reading Trigger Warnings; Greg’s Story

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Freedom at Last, How Strange the Taste

Is it even me if I don’t make a Les Mis reference one way or another? I’m finally free from A-Levels and the wraths of college. So technically, that makes me an adult now?… ha! ha! ha!  I’M BACK!!! I never wanted to leave college like I wanted to leave high school. I actually enjoyed…… Continue reading Freedom at Last, How Strange the Taste

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Vow of Silence

Oh yes, it’s that obligatory post that is necessary in exam season. I’m off on a little hiatus… if you already hadn’t noticed. I’ve got 6 A-Level exams starting next month and therefore, I need to start revising every second I can which means that I need to prioritise my study over my lovely blog.…… Continue reading Vow of Silence

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Perhaps I’m Not Destined for London

…Oh my godddddd, what a clickbait title! I live precisely 166 miles away from London (… well for now, because I don’t know if I’ve told you but I’m moving to London in September… well Kingston-upon-Thames. I’m sure you have your mouse/finger hovering over the close button ready to click it on the tab to this blog…… Continue reading Perhaps I’m Not Destined for London

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A Ramble about Doctor Who

I’ve never quite understood the whole ‘liking something a normal amount’ malarkey. As long as I can remember, I have always been ‘obsessed’ with something; the Tweenies, Doctor Who, JLS, musical theatre etc. Doctor Who played such a huge role in my childhood, and honestly, it still does now. From when the first episode of…… Continue reading A Ramble about Doctor Who

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Oscar the Cavapoo

We’ve had a new addition to the family! A little cavapoo named Oscar! I am well and truly obsessed, honestly! I never really understood the bond people had with their pets, we’ve had him for six days now and I cannot imagine our family without him. He’s so well settled and is turning into the most playful…… Continue reading Oscar the Cavapoo